Sanne Rambags’ European Colours Group

By Tuesday April 23rd, 2019artist

Sanne Rambags’ European Colours Group

The Netherlands

Sanne Rambags European Colours Group

The Netherland


Great vocal talent searches intensely, but controls the adventure

It’s beautiful to see live how Sanne Rambags’s posture is aimed ahead at the notes she’s about to sound; like the sounds she searches for are already in the air around her. At first she stands bent – often barefoot – with arms and legs spread, and her feet far apart, planted firmly on stage. She sings softly, and low, unafraid of guttural tones and other expressive sounds. Suddenly she raises herself, looks up, and her voice shoots up along with her, she expresses herself loud and fierce, technically completely clean and controlled, but full of feeling and meaning. Rambags has a background in jazz, but she’s in no way bound to a genre. Moreover, her whole conduct, and especially her singing, shows she wants freedom. On stage she claims her space – not to own it, but to be prepared and able to go anywhere the music tells her to.

Sanne Rambags – voice
Jesse Schilderink – tenor sax
Nathan Wouters – double bass, effects
Mark Schilders – drums

Sanne Rambags at Music Meeting

Day: Monday 10 June
Time: 15:15
Stage: Ziro

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