Roda da Holanda featuring Pedro Miranda

By Wednesday March 13th, 2019artist

Roda da Holanda featuring Pedro Miranda

The Netherlands, Brazil

Roda da Holanda featuring Pedro Miranda

Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro

Irresistible samba party on Music Meeting’s festival site

Roda da Holanda doesn’t need a stage for a festive performance. This Amsterdam collective lets the boundaries between musician and audience fade with its ecstatic samba de roda. Roda da Holanda thanks its name to this samba style where musicians play around a table while the audience dances and sings around it. Well-known and more unknown samba songs are played during this irresistible samba party in the middle of the Music Meeting festival site. This collective proves that Brazilian temperament and Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ match perfectly. Thanks to the saxophone, flute, guitar, cavaquinho and percussion grooves you will find yourself swinging immediately. Join in and sing along with Brazilian guest singer Pedro Miranda and singer Femke Smit. Roda da Holanda and Pedro Miranda bring Rio de Janeiro to Music Meeting.


Femke Smit – vocals
Pedro Miranda – vocals, guitar
Breno Virícimo – guitar, vocals
Nathan Klumperbeek – bass, vocals
Lucas Figueiredo Santana – saxophone, flute
Marijn van der Linden – cavaquinho
Léo Da Vila Matilde – percussion
Udo Demandt – drums

Roda da Holanda featuring Pedro Miranda at Music Meeting

Day: monday 8 June
Time: 17:15
Stage: Festivalcenter

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